FedEx Survey on Entrepreneurship

FedEx has released its results from a survey it conducted about entrepreneurial intentions. It has some fascinating findings.

The survey sampled 1,000 Americans over the age of 18. Here are some of their findings:
* 56% of Americans dream of starting their own business (E.M. Couple this with 40% of college students who responded in another study that owning their own business is a major goal for attending school and we see an entrepreneurial revolution at hand).
* 10% of Americans already own their own business (E.M. Think of all the special interest groups influencing our public policy with much smaller numbers than this).
* 33% of Americans neither dream nor already own their own business (E.M. That seems to equate to about the total number of government employees nationally, if I’m not mistaken).
* 76% of African Americans dream of starting their own business (E.M. What a voting block this could become if we help make this dream a reality!!).
* Business owners are more likely to live in the South or the West (E.M. Just look at the voting patterns).
You can view the FedEx PowerPoint presentation of the survey results here