The Spirit is Alive and Well

This week’s job reports are indeed chilling.  This really is beginning to remind me of the late 1970s into the mid 1980s when we experienced a long period of mostly down economic times.  Small business had been our one bright spot in job creation, but with this week’s ADP Small Business Report found that small businesses lost 79,000 jobs in November, the largest decline in more than seven years.


Although our cup no longer runneth over with economic growth, I do firmly believe that the glass is still half full.



glass half empty.jpg


I see the energy in young entrepreneurs in the classroom.  I saw amazing creativity this week at the Bloblive Nashville event we hosted at Belmont.  I see the determination of the entrepreneurs in groups like EO (Entrepreneur Organization) who are sending 75 people to Belmont today to learn about how to grow and expand their ventures.  And I see the enthusiasm that comes from the continued growth in readership of this blog.  This what gives me hope for the future.


2009 will be a year of working to survive for some, but also a year of opportunity for many if they keep using their entrepreneurial wit and skill.