Beyond Bootstrapping your Office Space

Most of the start-ups I work with look to space as an important way to bootstrap their space.

They begin by working out of their dorm, apartment, parent’s house, or our hatchery.  Keeping their space cost to zero keeps their overhead low and helps them get to positive cash flow more quickly.

Eventually, or should I say hopefully, their growth takes them to a point where they need real space. But, they often continue to bootstrap by building their own desks, buying old used chairs, and cobbling together what ever they can to get by with furnishing their new location.

A company called turnstone is running a promotional program that is going to give away five $25,000 office make-overs to emerging businesses and help them move beyond their bootstrapped work space.

All you need to do to enter the contest is upload a video to the turnstone website pitching why you deserve a turnstone makeover.  From these submissions, they will be selecting the 25 best entries for a public vote.  This voting will determine the five that get an office makeover.

Good luck!!