Belmont Sweeps Entrepreneurship Event

Belmont students had another highly successful year at the International Collegiate DECA competition this year.  Our 25 students were part of a competition that included almost 1,300 students from the US and Canada.

23 of the 25 students on the Belmont team made it to the finals this year in a variety of business related events.  10 of them made it to the national finals in two events.

Belmont students swept the top three awards for the Entrepreneurship Growing a Business event (business plan event for students who have started their businesses while still in school).

Ross Hill — First place

Tom Haarlander — Second place

Tim Weber — Third place

For the second year in a row Belmont students had eight of the top ten teams in the Entrepreneurial Challenge event (we had nine teams in this event).

Our teams took two of the top three awards:

Eric Guroff, Taylor Fish, and Blake Mankin — Second place

Ross Hill and Griffin Wendt — Third place

Top Ten Teams:

Jeremy Gold, Riley Bauer, Elizabeth Rhyne

Charles Williams, Max Magura, Cole Auville

Tim Weber, Jen Baiada, Maya Asked

Matt Madden, Hillary Unis

Amy Ashida, Kylie Davis, Lauren Gunther

Gabe Zurek, Levis Padrom, Jena Lavicka

The following students were Top Ten national finalists in their individual events:

Eric Guroff — Entrepreneurship Starting a Business (b-plan)

Hillary Unis — Entrepreneurship Starting a Business (b-plan)

Charles Williams — Corporate Finance

Maya Akser — Fashion Merchandising and Marketing

Lauren Gunther — Marketing Management

Kylie Davis — Retail Management

Max Magura — Sales Management Meeting

The following student was a national finalists:

Griffin Wendt — Marketing Management