Finding Global Markets for App


Aloompa is an app development business located in Nashville, Tennessee that specializes primarily in apps for music festivals.

Their first customer was the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.  The app includes a map the festival grounds, including the location of food vendors, bathrooms, retail spaces, and stage locations. It also includes bios of performers, audio samples of performers music, and reviews that can be pushed out to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

After growing to more than two-dozen music festivals in the U.S., Aloompa expanded to international festivals.  The first was the Playa del Carmen in Mexico.  The app for this festival is available in both English and Spanish.  Aloompa is quickly adding new festivals as customers in Asia, Europe and South America.

“As Aloompa expanded into the international market it has had to learn how to communicate across culture barriers and familiarize itself with a variety of business practices across the globe,” says Caleb Jones in Business Development for Aloompa. “For example, as we expanded we found it necessary to start our deals in the South American market a full month prior due to slower timelines.  As we move further into the international market it has given us an appreciation for the vast array of cultures that make up international commerce, and a great desire to continue business ventures abroad.”[i]

[i] Tyler Seymour and Caleb Jones, personal communication, May 23, 2014; Jamie McGee, “Pivot Point: Entrepreneurs find greater success with the unexpected,” Nashville Business Journal, March 1, 2013,